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Crape Myrtle
Judith Daylily
Crape Myrtle

Common name:Crape Myrtle
Botanical name:Lagerstroemia indica

The new leaves of this species are 2" long, bright green, and tinged with bronze. Some cultivars have spectacular fall color. When it has a bare outline, its rounded seed capsules add interest. Its delicate flowers bloom in 6"-12" long clusters. The flower colors could be shades of red, rose, pink, purple, and white, blooming in summer. It thrives on heat, and new cultivars have been created that resist mildew. This tree prefers full sun and has low watering needs once it's established.

Judith Daylily

Common name:Judith Daylily
Botanical name:Hemerocallis 'Judith'

This Daylily has a coral pink flower with a yellow green throat that blooms in summer. It reaches about 24" tall and has green, grass-like foliage. Butterflies and hummingbirds love this Daylily. Plant in full sun or light shade with well draining, moist soil. Flowers are fragrant. Cut spent flowers to encourage more blooms.


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